Do I need a realtor?

To purchase an office condominium from The Offices at Dry Creek you do not need to have a realtor. You can go in and select a unit, make your flooring selections, and give your specifications, and then close. However, if you wish to be represented by a realtor, we offer a 3% commission if they register you upon your first visit.

What are your prices for the various units?

Our smallest units with 1,350 square feet start in the low $300s with multiple units in the $600s+. Exterior units are slightly more expensive than interior due to the added windows. We recommend creating a budget for upgrades and customizations beyond the base price.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A deposit of 1% of the sales price is taken once a contract is signed in order to reserve your selected units.

What selections can I choose?

Once you choose your floor plan, you will meet with your project manager and make your carpet, flooring, restroom and kitchen selections. You will also be shown various upgrade options such as glass walls and advance technology.

How long does it take to build once options are selected?

Once we receive your deposit and qualifications to fund, we will begin the customization. Our build-out time will vary depending on the customization and the stage of the building shell. Build out from ground up could take 3-5 months, or we can finish a building in progress in 30 days.

How much are the community association dues?

There is a monthly fee of $225 per unit.

What areas am I responsible for and what areas are covered by the community association?

Just like a residential condominium, you own the interior walls of your unit(s). The exterior, grounds, walkways and common areas are all maintained by the community association.

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